PNSN Mt. Saint Helens Webicorder Archive
This page is an archive of webicorder images that I have saved from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

These webicorder images are only representations of the real data gathered by the various seismometers
and should not be regarded as accurate quantifiable data.

Not all stations are available on all dates, either because I wasn't saving them, or they were not available.
Recently I've only been collecting HSR, CDF, JUN, and LON.

For more information about the webicorders, please visit the
PNSN Webicorder Home Page.

If you have images that I am missing, please contact me about sending them to me.
I am only interested in completing those stations I have listed.

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updated: 041119

September 2004
Date UT
Dome Station
South Ridge
Cedar Flats
June Lake
Mt. Fremont,
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier
9-21-04 am

9-21-04 pm

9-22-04 am

9-22-04 pm

9-23-04 am

9-23-04 pm

9-24-04 am

9-24-04 pm

9-25-04 am

9-25-04 pm

9-26-04 am

9-26-04 pm

9-27-04 am

9-27-04 pm

9-28-04 am

9-28-04 pm

9-29-04 am

9-29-04 pm

9-30-04 am

9-30-04 pm