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Alrighty then!!! This is that messy corner of my website where I shove all the stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else.
So don't mind the mess and don't be afraid to pull up the corner of the rug to see what's been swept there.
There just might be somethign of great value!

Complex Fire - Nov 15th, 2008
HD Panorama of smoke from fire.

NASA WB-57 Caught In The Act
Images of a NASA WB-57 high altitude research plane flying over Southern California.

Pictures of the Sierra Peak fire
Images of the Sierra Peak fire in the Santa Ana Mountians bordering Orange and Riverside counties. Taken from 20 miles away.

On September 19th, 2005, we had quite a lightning storm here in Orange County, CA. We get lightning here, but it's not been like this in a very long time. The last time I saw lightning like this was way back in '91 or '92.

The Umpteenth Dimension?
What would it look like if your were stuck inside a sphere? Not just any sphere, but one that was perfectly reflective. There's just you and a light. What would your reflection look like after it bounced around the curved walls a few hundred times?
If you thnk that's weird, wait until you step inside a torus!

Mammatus Clouds Over Orange County, CA
On November 21, 2005, some tropical clouds moved through the LA area bringing beautiful clouds, many with virga. The biggest surprise, though, was to see a cloud with mammatus formations.