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Laser Line is software I have been developing to graphically display listings of laser wavelengths for a variety of lasers.
For more information and to download the latest version, go to the Laser Line homepage.

WWW Links Resource. I have a fairly decent sized list of web sites that have something to do with lasers. If you want to browse everything I have go to the Links Resource page and browse to your heart's content.

The Used & Surplus page only contains web sites that deal with, you guessed it, used & surplus lasers and related equipment.

The Software page is a collection of photonics related software packages and their authoring companies.

The Picture Gallery contains images of several lasers that I have or have had over the years. I've taken many photos of my equipment but I have only incuded the most interesting ones here.

The Reference Area contains information that may be of use to other laserists such as schematics and charts. Most of the information here I put together myself and isn't likely to be found elsewhere.

Occasionally I have items for sale, and those can be found in the Items For Sale section.