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Used & surplus sources for lasers and optics and related.
This section is devoted to all the web sites I am aware of that sell surplus or used lasers, optics, mounts, tables, systems, components, parts....anything that's not new and therefore doesn't have a pricetag to match!!! Many of these webpages are great places for hobbyists and amateurs to find places that sell cheap and low cost stuff, yet some of these sites also cater to industrial and scientific needs.

Almaz Optics, Inc. Distributor of Russian made optical products including optical components, blanks rods tubing, fiber preforms, radiation detectors, sapphire wafers, Nd:YAG rods, silicon wafers, si epi structures available in dozens of different materials and crystals. Also has some surplus optics available.
Amazing Holograms & Laser's Holoshop! Specilaizes in everything hologram, including custom jobs. Also quite an extensive list of surplus lasers and accessories for sale, with prices listed.
Anderson Lasers, Inc.'s WWW Site! Sells used laser, laser related equipment, optics, vacuum equipment. Many types of lasers available.
BMI Surplus Equipment Brokers Purchaser and reseller of used scientific equipment. Includes various laser and optics related equipment.
BSC Optics Sells new and used optics and optics related equipment. Large list of items for sale from many manufacturers with prices.
Direct Communications Surplus equipment dealer that carries some lasers and laser related hardware.
East Coast Technologies Specializes in medical laser equipment sales and service. Also has used systems available.
HB-Laserkomponenten German company providing sales and service of all aspects of lasers, particularly related to shows. All types of lasers, Ar+, Kr+, mixed, HeNe, CO2, DPSS. Also has second hand equipment.
HHR Lasers, Inc. Here at HHR we bench-test, repair and refurbish your gas laser tubes and systems, specializing in HeNe, argon and krypton units among others. Come see how it's done at our laser lab facilities. Plus, we buy your used/dead gas lasers and sell in-house rebuilt laser systems. We also do consulting work and will design and build your custom laser.
Holo-Spectra Laser repair, refurb, service. Laser marking. Holography. Laser shows. HeNe, Ar+, Kr+, HeCd, CO2, DPSS, solid stated. Also sells used equipment.
LabX Online forum with classified sections for the sale, auctioning, or placing of want ads for various forms of used laboratory and scientific equipment, including some lasers and related items.
Laser Artistry, Inc. After 20+ years in the professional laser show industry, Laser Artistry, Inc. is closing down and selling everything. Check it out fast as the deals won't last long!
Lasers for Surgery, Incorporated Buyer and seller of medical lasers.
Laser Labs Large listing of used lasers, scientific, industrial, medical, surgical, whole systems, components, parts.
Laser Laser Productions Professional laser show company. Also has a "for sale" section of used laser, parts, accessories.
Laser and Motion Development Company All sorts of used lasers, optics, tables, fiber optics, and much more. Also lots of other stuff besides laser related.
Laser Resale Used lasers. Categories include N2, CO2, YAG, Nd:Glass, Ruby, Ion, HeNe, HeCd, Dye, Cu vapor, Ti:Sapphire, Diode. Also optics, fiber optics, vacuum, and more.
Lasershop All sorts of laser related stuff great for the amateur and hobbyist. Has a used equipment section.
Laser Surplus Sales Source of lasers, power supplies, optics, hardware, and other stuff for the amatuer or hobbyist.
LR Enviromental Equipment Company Used and refurbished test chambers, ovens, test equipment, vacuum equipment, vibration isolation, and more.
MediaLas Laser Products German company selling all sorts of laser equipment, especially show related stuff. Lots of surplus too.
Meredith Instruments Laser surplus. HeNe, Ar+, diodes, DPSS, power supplies, optics, light show related.
Midwest Laser Products Surplus lasers, HeNe, Ar+, Kr+, mixed gas, ruby, YAG, laser show systems, optics.
MK Photonics, Inc. Complete line of optics and optical instrumentation, including fiber optic components. Both new and used equipment.
Musser & Associates, Inc. Everything to do with optical tables. delivery, installation, setup, float, plumb, tune. Sells renovated optical tables, breadboards, components.
MWK Laser Products Surplus lasers of many kinds, components, parts, lenses, fiber optics, crystals, scanners, tables, holography, light shows, and more.
New Method Lasers Hardware, software, equipment, and systems for laser light shows. Home X29 software. Has some used stuff.
PChem Labs Scientific Equipment Wholesale dealer of new and used scientific laboratory equipment. Amongst their many items for various industries are some laser, optics, and vacuum equipment.
Quantronix Industrial, scientific, medical lasers and systems, photomask repair systems. CW to ultrafast, IR to UV. Also sells used and refurbished equipment.
RDY Sales Preowned scientific and technical equipment. Lasers, optics, fiber optics, benchs, table ware, a little of everything from time to time.
Sterling Resale Optics Sells new & used optics including lenses, beamsplitters, filters, prisms, and several miscellaneous items.