Updated: 060110
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This is the official home for the Laser Line laser chart software.

Laser Line is a small software package that I've developed to display the EM spectrum and selected laser lines from various lasing mediums. The program is coming along nicely and the interface is improving.

With Laser Line, you can view not only the visible spectrum, but also the UV down to 10nm and the IR out to 20 microns. Features allow you to select specific laser types, to show all lasers available for a selected region, or to zoom the display to show all lines available for selected lasers. To get the latest details, view the readme file.

Currently the data base is not exhaustive. I am concentrating on programming the interface and adding features first.
When I am satisfied ot the point that I can call this version 1, then I will start adding new lasers and their transitions.

I got the idea for this program when I was looking at ways to update my Laser Line Chart. That chart covers the visible portion of the EM spectrum only and is already largish at 1230x2048 pixels. I wanted to expand the chart to include UV and IR laser lines. Going to the UV was easy, as it wasn't much to expand the chart up to 100nm. But trying to expand the IR portion to get out to and past the CO2 wavelengths proved to be daunting. Even though I tried ways of compressing the IR sections of the chart, the image size was fast approaching 10,000 pixels in length! Not something most people would want to download much less be able to view or use. That's when I got the idea to do the chart in software and Laser Line was born.

View the readme.txt to get the latest details.
Download Now! (544,542 byte ZIP file)