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Used & surplus sources for lasers and optics and related.
This section is devoted to all the web sites I am aware of that sell surplus or used lasers, optics, mounts, tables, systems, components, parts....anything that's not new and therefore doesn't have a pricetag to match!!! Many of these webpages are great places for hobbyists and amateurs to find places that sell cheap and low cost stuff, yet some of these sites also cater to industrial and scientific needs.

Abe PSF2 Free aberrated point spread function software from Nelson Wallace's Optics Site.
Optical design software from Optikos Corporation.
ALDS (Advanced Laser Diode Simulator) from Apollo Photonics. Simulator for semiconductor lasers.
Stray light anlysis software from Breault Research Organization.
Automatic interferogram analysis program from Lambda Research Corporation.
APSS (Apollo Photonic Software Suite) from Apollo Photonics. Mode solvers, BPM, FDTD, cylindrical-BPM, circuit simulator, couple mode theory, mode matching, etc...
Optical design software from Breault Research Organization.
Design tool to automate and simplify the calculation of photonic band structures for all photonic crystal(PC) devices. From RSoft Design Group.
BEAM Two, BEAM Three, BEAM Four
Optical ray-tracing software from Stellar Software.
CAD and simulation program for the design of integrated and fiber-optic waveguide devices and circuits. From RSoft Design Group.
Waveguide optics modelling software from Optiwave Corporation.
Active device simulator for laser diode/TWA design for fabrey-perot, DFB, DBR, tunable, external cavity lasers, SOA's, etc... From Photon Design.
General purpose integrated optical circuit (IOC) simulator interfaced with optical layout generator SIGRAPH-Optik.
Optical design software from Optical Research Associates.
Mask layout editor with a powerful 3D FDTD propogation engine for photonics crystals. From Photon Design.
Database Program for PCs & Compatibles Powerful, easy to use optical design software from Sky Scientific makes light work of optical design from a single lens or mirror to complex systems of up to 99 surfaces. From Sky Scientific.
Software for simulating coherent beams of light as they propagate through an optical system, from MM Research, Inc.
General design tool for diffractive optical structures such as diffractive optical elements, subwavelength periodic structures, and photonic bandgap crystals. From RSoft Design Group.
EDFA Design
Optical fiber amplifier & laser design software from Optiwave Corporation.
Electromagnetic Scattering Programs
A webpage with links to several different types of programs for simulating EM scattering off of various types of surfaces.
Fiber CAD
Optical fiber design software from Optiwave Corporation.
General purpose fully vectorial mode solver software from Photon Design.
Finite element mode solver software form Photon Design.
FOGS FOGS (Fiber Optics Grating Solver) from Apollo Photonics. Simulation and design of fiber Bragg Gratings.
FOMS FOMS (Fiber Optics Mode Solver) from Apollo Photonics. Fiber calculations including mode solver, and micro/macro loss calculations.
FullWAVE CAD and simulation program for the design of complex photonic devices. From RSoft Design Group.
GLAD General Laser And Design laser analysis software from Applied Optics Research.
GratingMOD General design tool for analyzing and synthesizing complicated grating profiles in optical fibers and integrated waveguide circuits for a wide variety of photonics applications. From RSoft Design Group.
GUERAP V Stray light and radiometry analysis program for Lambda Research Corporation.
Holomaster Software for designing computer-generated holograms with an emphasis on laser beam splitters.
HS Design Semiconductor heterostructure modeling software from Optiwave Corporation.
IFO Gratings Integrated and fiber optical gratings design software from Optiwave Corporation.
KALLISTOS Multi paramater design optimization software from Photon Design.
KDP-2 Latest verison of the KDP optical design program by Jim Klein of Engineering Calculations. The non-free for sale version is available with full source to anyone who downloads it and then uses the password: avon1 to self-extract and install it.
LaserMOD Design tool for simulating optical and electronic properties of semiconductor lasers. From RSoft Design Group.
Laserwerks Software for the design of laser systems & resonators, illumination & non-imaging systems, and conventional optical assemblies.
LensVIEW CD-ROM database of lens design examples.
LES FREE lens evaluation software from Nelson Wallace's Optics Site.
LIGHT Interactive software for the virtual design and simulation of outdoor lighting systems.
LightPipes Beam propogation software from OKO Technologies.
LightTools Illumination design software from Optical Research Associates.
LinkSim Design and simulation software for optical communication systems. From RSoft Design Group.
LOTS1D Los Alamos Optical Transport Simulator, to calculate one-dimensional diffraction effects along an optical beam path. From Nelson Wallace's Optics Site.
ModeSYS Software to support the design, analysis, and simulation of multimode communication systems with a primary focus on data communication applications. From RSoft Design Group.
OlympIOs OlympIOs is a suite of modules available from the Dutch company C2V for simulation and design of integrated optical components. Modules include optical mode solvers, beam propogation, bi-directional eigenmode propogation, electro optic and thermo optic simulation, stress induced birefringence, and several others.
OmniSim-FD Omni-directional 2D frequency time domain propogation software from Photon Design.
OmniSim-TD High performance 2D/3D time domain software from Photon Design.
OPTEC Software for general optical system design, optimization, tolerancing, and analysis. From SCIOPT Enterprises.
Optica for Mathematica Optical design application for Mathematica by Wolfram Research.
OptiCAD Non-sequential, stray light, and illumination optical system modeling program from Focus Software, Inc.
OptiCalc Interactive optics calculations with real time ray tracing . This is the demo version of SOLSTIS.
Optics Lab Optical design and analysis sofware from Science Labs Sofware.
OptSim Modeling and simulation software supporting the design and performance evaluation of the transmission level of optical communication systems. From RSoft Design Group.
OSLO Six, OSLO Pro, OSLO Light Optical design software from Sinclair Optics.
OSOD Open Source Open Design optical design software made available from Acme Optics.
Paraxia-Plus Laser resonator and beam propogation software from SCIOPT Enterprises.
PC Grate Grating Efficiency Software Software for computing the diffraction efficiency of multi-layer low and high reflecting gratings, both holographic and ruled, across a wide spectrum region.
ReflectorCAD Segmented reflector design program from Breault Research Organization.
SIGRAPH-Modelab Software bundle of highend solvers for fiber and integrated optical eigenmode analysis.
SIGRAPH-Optic Layout editor for integrated optical circuits (IOCs) and synthetic microlenses and CAOS the BPM IOC simulator for analysis.
Snell Trace Software for computing the diffraction efficiency of multi-layer low and high reflecting gratings, both holographic and ruled, across a wide spectrum region.
SOAR Entry-level stray light analysis program for rapidly estimating stray light, from Lambda Research Corporation.
SOLSTIS Photonics design software with an emphasis on photometry, optical calculations, and laser simulation.
SPEOS CAD based software for lighting simulation with non-sequential ray trace capability.
SPOCK Simulation for Photonics and Optical Circuit Knowledge. Calculates complex eigenmodes of propagation in plane-layered structures.
SYNOPSYS Optical design software from Optical Systems Design, Inc.
TracePro Ray tracing program for optical analysis from Lambda Research Corporation.
VOB++, VOB Pro Optical design software from Metec Inc.
WDM Phasar Phased array WDM device design software from Optiave Corporation.
WinLens Optical Design Software from Spindler & Hoyer.
ZELUM Illumination system design software from Focus Software, Inc.
ZEMAX Optical design software from Focus Software, Inc.
ZoneLens Software for generating binary lens patterns for diffractive optical elements. Used in conjunction with SIGRAPH-Optic.